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Community Asset Vouchers (CAVs) are tradable vouchers on the Celo decentralized ledger. This guide will help you design and publish a CAV.

The essence of a CAV is to develop a contractual promise that can be offered and exchanged.

For example, if you create a CAV called COUCH, you could specify that 1 COUCH is redeemable as payment for 1 hour of your coaching. Another CAV called WAVE could be redeemable as payment for $10 USD worth of your vegetables.

Some CAV issuers will sell their CAVs, while others will give them as gifts, loyalty points, or exchange them in-kind. Note that anyone holding your CAV has the right to trade them to someone else or redeem them as payment for your goods or services depending on how you design them in this guide.

The CAV's ultimate aim is community improvement. When planning it, listen to everyone who may be effected by it.

Here's the process for creating a CAV:

  1. About you: Who's the Issuer creating and publishing the CAV?
  2. Naming & Purpose: What's your CAV's name and what can it be redeemed for?
  3. Valuation & Amount: How many CAVs will you produce and what's their total worth?
  4. Expiry: When do CAVs expire, and where are they renewed?
  5. Customization: Any special features for your CAV?
  6. Finalization: Here, you'll sign and publish your CAV on the Celo ledger.

You will need a Wallet like Valora to complete this process.